Flutter Modal Bottom Sheet

Flutter Modal Bottom Sheet

Flutter Modal Bottom Sheet

Flutter Modal Bottom Sheet

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Create awesome and powerful modal bottom sheets.

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Flutter Modal Bottom Sheet Flutter Modal Bottom Sheet Flutter Modal Bottom Sheet Flutter Modal Bottom Sheet Flutter Modal Bottom Sheet

Try it

Explore the Web Demo or clone the repository.

Known problems on web demo:

  • Web demo can run very slow on mobile devides.

  • Fake status bar doesn’t change color as the iOS, Android app

First Steps

How to install it? Follow Instructions

Material Modal BottomSheet

  context: context,
  builder: (context, scrollController) => Container(),

What to use this over flutter showModalBottomSheet?

showMaterialModalBottomSheet supports closing bottoms sheets by dragging down even if there is a scrollview inside.
showModalBottomSheet won’t work correctly with scrollviews.
Also it supports WillPopScope to prevent closing the dialog

Generic params for all modal bottom sheets

Param Description
bool expand = false The expand parameter specifies id the modal bottom sheet will be full screen size or will fit the content child
bool useRootNavigator = false The useRootNavigator parameter ensures that the root navigator is used to display the bottom sheet when set to true. This is useful in the case that a modal bottom sheet needs to be displayed above all other content but the caller is inside another Navigator.
bool isDismissible = true The isDismissible parameter specifies whether the bottom sheet will be dismissed when user taps on the scrim.
Color barrierColor The barrierColor parameter controls the color of the scrim for this route
bool enableDrag = true The enableDrag parameter specifies whether the bottom sheet can be dragged up and down and dismissed by swiping downwards.
AnimationController secondAnimation The secondAnimation parameter allows you to provide an animation controller that will be used to animate push/pop of the modal route. Using this param is advised against and will be probably removed in future versions
bool bounce = false The bounce parameter specifies if the bottom sheet can go beyond the top boundary while dragging
Duration duration = const Duration(milliseconds: 400) The duration of modal opening

Material params

The optional backgroundColor, elevation, shape, and clipBehavior parameters can be passed in to customize the appearance and behavior of material bottom sheets.

Cupertino Modal BottomSheet

iOS 13 came with an amazing new modal navigation and now it is available to use with Flutter.

  context: context,
  builder: (context, scrollController) => Container(),

See generic paramameter in the Material section above

Cupertino specific params

The optional backgroundColor parameters can be passed in to customize the backgroundColor cupertino bottom sheets.
Useful if you want a blurred transparent background as the example Cupertino Photo Share

CAUTION!: To animate the previous route some changes are needed.

MaterialPageRoute and CupertinoPageRoute do not allow animated translation to/from routes that are not the same type.

Replace your current route class with MaterialWithModalsPageRoute.

Notice this route type behaves the same as MaterialPageRoute and supports custom PageTransitionsBuilder and PageTransitionsTheme.

How can I replace my current route?

Using Navigator.of(context).push

Navigator.of(context).push(MaterialPageRoute(builder: (context) => Container()));`
Replace it with
Navigator.of(context).push(MaterialWithModalsPageRoute(builder: (context) => Container()));


Using onGenerateRoute parameter of MaterialApp, CupertinoApp or Navigator

onGenerateRoute: (settings) {

return MaterialPageRoute(settings: settings, builder: (context) => Container());
Replace it to
onGenerateRoute: (settings) {

return MaterialWithModalsPageRoute(settings: settings, builder: (context) => Container());


Using pageRouteBuilder parameter of WidgetApp

pageRouteBuilder: (RouteSettings settings, WidgetBuilder builder) => MaterialWithModalsPageRoute(settings: settings, builder: builder)


Using routes parameter from MaterialApp or CupertinoApp

Unfortunately this parameter uses MaterialPageRoute and CupertinoPageRoute respectively and cannot be changed.
You can modify the way you call the previous route with one of the previous methods or try option 2

Is there an alternative in case I can’t change my current route? Yes!

Learn how to animate previous route with CupertinoScaffold:

1. Wrap previous route inside a CupertinoScaffold.
Example with routes parameter from MaterialApp or CupertinoApp
routes: {
‘/previous_route_where_you_push_modal’: (BuildContext context) => CupertinoScaffold(body: Container()),

2. Push modal with this method
CupertinoScaffold.showCupertinoModalBottomSheet(context:context, builder: (context) => Container())

Don’t use this solution at the same time as MaterialWithModalsPageRoute

It supports native features as bouncing, blurred background, dark mode, stacking modals and inside navigation.

Push new views inside the modal bottom sheet

a. If you want to push a new modal bottom sheet just call showCupertinoModalBottomSheet again (works with both options)

b. For inside navigaton add a new Navigator or CupertinoTabScaffold inside

c. Also it supports flutter features as WillPopScope to prevent the modal bottom to be closed.

Build other BottomSheets

Try showBarModalBottomSheet for a bottomSheet with the appearance used by Facebook or Slack

Check in the example project showAvatarModalBottomSheet for how to create your own ModalBottomSheet


Ask a question and ping me @jamesblasco

Found an issue or have a proposal?

Create an issue


  • [X] Support closing by dragging fast on a modal with a scroll view.

  • [ ] Improve animation curves when user is not dragging.

  • [ ] Allow to set the initial size of the bottom sheet

  • [ ] Support hero animations Pull Request #2

Flutter Modal Bottom Sheet

Source Code

Please Visit Flutter Modal Bottom Sheet Source Code at GitHub