Flutter Bottom Personalized Bar

Flutter Bottom Personalized Bar

Bottom Personalized Dot Bar

A bottom navigation bar that you can customize with the options you need, without any limits. You can also customize the appearance of the navigation bar.

The development was inspired by the following design: personalized-tab-bar

You can see the source code of this lib inside the /lib folder.

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Demo example (Mobile)

Flutter Bottom Personalized Bar

Demo example (Tablet 1)

Flutter Bottom Personalized Bar

Demo example (Tablet 2)

Flutter Bottom Personalized Bar

Package overview

  • [x] Drag and Drop your options!
  • [x] Change icon colors
  • [x] Listen to events ‘Sort, Insert and Delete’
  • [x] Dynamically change the selected option
  • [x] Custom options
  • [x] Unlimit options
  • [x] Option to define custom item background color
  • [x] And more …

Getting Started

Add the plugin:

  bottom_personalized_dot_bar: ^1.0.2

Import the package

    import 'package:bottom_personalized_dot_bar/bottom_personalized_dot_bar.dart';

How to use?

Important! dont use ‘bottomNavigationBar’ of Scaffold, because it occupies the entire screen, you need to add it inside a Stack.

To add the Options list, you must create BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem, and each must have the unique attribute ‘keyItem’.

To modify the selected option, you must update the attribute keyItemSelected of the BottomPersonalizedDotBar

String _itemSelected = 'item-1';

  body: Stack(
    children: <Widget>[
      .... // Your App Home
          keyItemSelected: _itemSelected,
          doneText: 'Done',
          settingTitleText: 'Your Menu',
          settingSubTitleText: 'Drag and drop options',
          iconSettingColor: const Color(0xFFFFD201),
          buttonDoneColor: const Color(0xFFFFD500),
          settingSubTitleColor: const Color(0xFFFECE02),
          hiddenItems: <BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem>[
              BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem('item-4', icon: Icons.cloud, name: 'Nube', onTap: (itemSelected) { /* event selected */ }),
              BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem('item-5', icon: Icons.access_alarm, name: 'Alarma', onTap: (itemSelected) { /* event selected */ }),
              BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem('item-6', icon: Icons.message, name: 'Mensaje', onTap: (itemSelected) { /* event selected */ }),
              BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem('item-7', icon: Icons.notifications, name: 'Alerta', onTap: (itemSelected) { /* event selected */ }),
              BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem('item-8', icon: Icons.security, name: 'Seguridad', onTap: (itemSelected) { /* event selected */ }),
              BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem('item-9', icon: Icons.help, name: 'Ayuda', onTap: (itemSelected) { /* event selected */ }),
              BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem('item-10', icon: Icons.settings, name: 'Config.', onTap: (itemSelected) { /* event selected */ }),
          items: <BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem>[
              BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem('item-1', icon: Icons.sentiment_very_satisfied, name: 'Flutter', onTap: (itemSelected) { /* event selected */ }),
              BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem('item-2', icon: Icons.favorite_border, name: 'Favorito', onTap: (itemSelected) { /* event selected */ }),
              BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem('item-3', icon: Icons.face, name: 'Perfil', onTap: (itemSelected) { /* event selected */ }),



Attribute Description
items List of items to be displayed in the navigation bar
hiddenItems List of items that will be hidden
keyItemSelected Item key that is selected
width Navigation bar width
height Navigation bar height
borderRadius Navigation bar radius
selectedColorIcon Selected Icon color
unSelectedColorIcon Unselected Icon color
navigatorBackground Navigator Container Background color
settingBackground Setting Container Background color (Hidden items)
iconSetting Settings button icon
iconSettingColor Settings button icon color
settingTitleText Setting Title Text
settingTitleColor Setting Title color
settingSubTitleText Setting Sub-Title Text
settingSubTitleColor Setting Sub-Title color
doneText Done button Text
textDoneColor Text Done Color
buttonDoneColor Button done color
hiddenItemBackground Background of hidden item
iconHiddenColor Icon Hidden Color
textHiddenColor Text Hidden Color
dotColor Selection Indicator Color (Dot Point)
boxShadow Shadow of container
onOrderHideItems Event when you sort the hidden options, this has as parameter the list of hidden options with the new order. onOrderHideItems: (List<BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem> hiddenItems) { /* Your action */ }
onOrderItems Event when ordering browser options, this has as parameter the list of options with the new order onOrderItems: (List<BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem> items) { /* Your action */ }
onAddItem Event when you add a new option to the navigation bar, this has as parameters the item you add and the list of options. onAddItem: (BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem itemAdd, List<BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem> items) { /* Your action */ }
onRemoveItem Event when you delete an option from the navigation bar, this has as parameters the element to delete and the list of hidden options. onRemoveItem: (BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem itemRemove, List<BottomPersonalizedDotBarItem> hiddenItems) { /* Your action */ }


Attribute Description
keyItem Unique key
icon Item icon
name Item name
onTap Event with you press the item. onTap: (String keyItem) { /* Your action */ }

Source Code

Please Visit Flutter Bottom Personalized Bar Source Code at GitHub