Best 11 Flutter Bottom Navigation Bar

Flutter Bottom Navigation Bar

A material widget that’s displayed at the bottom of an app for selecting among a small number of views, typically between three and five.

The bottom navigation bar consists of multiple items in the form of text labels, icons, or both, laid out on top of a piece of material. It provides quick navigation between the top-level views of an app. For larger screens, side navigation may be a better fit.

A bottom navigation bar is usually used in conjunction with a Scaffold, where it is provided as the Scaffold.bottomNavigationBar argument.

We summarize some of bottom navigation bar in flutter in Best 11 Flutter Bottom Navigation Bar.

1. FancyBottomNavigation

Flutter Fancy Bottom Navigation
Add the plugin (pub coming soon):

  fancy_bottom_navigation: ^0.3.2

For now this is limited to more than 1 tab, and less than 5. So 2-4 tabs.
Adding the widget

bottomNavigationBar: FancyBottomNavigation(
    tabs: [
        TabData(iconData: Icons.home, title: "Home"),
        TabData(iconData:, title: "Search"),
        TabData(iconData: Icons.shopping_cart, title: "Basket")
    onTabChangedListener: (position) {
        setState(() {
        currentPage = position;

Please Visit Flutter Fancy Bottom Navigation Source Code at GitHub

2. flip_box_bar

A 3D BottomNavigationBar inspired by Dribbble design by Dannniel
Flutter 3D Bottom Navigation Bar

Please Visit Flutter 3D Bottom Navigation Bar Source Code at GitHub


Flutter Animated Navigation Bar – A Flutter package for easy implementation of curved navigation bar.

Flutter Animated Navigation Bar

  curved_navigation_bar: ^0.3.2 #latest version

How to use

  bottomNavigationBar: CurvedNavigationBar(
    backgroundColor: Colors.blueAccent,
    items: <Widget>[
      Icon(Icons.add, size: 30),
      Icon(Icons.list, size: 30),
      Icon(Icons.compare_arrows, size: 30),
    onTap: (index) {
      //Handle button tap
  body: Container(color: Colors.blueAccent),

Please Visit Flutter Animated Navigation Bar Source Code at GitHub

4. BottomNavyBar

A beautiful and animated bottom navigation. The navigation bar use your current theme, but you are free to customize it.

Flutter Beautiful Button Navigation

Add the dependency in pubspec.yaml:

  bottom_navy_bar: ^5.4.0

Please Visit Flutter Beautiful Button Navigation Source Code at GitHub

5. extended_navbar_scaffold

Custom Flutter widgets that makes Bottom Navigation Floating and can be expanded with much cleaner and easier way.

Add the following to your pubspec.yaml file:

      extended_navbar_scaffold: any
Flutter Floating Bottom Navigation Flutter Floating Bottom Navigation

Please Visit Flutter Floating Bottom Navigation Source Code at GitHub

6. Bottom Personalized Dot Bar

A bottom navigation bar that you can customize with the options you need, without any limits. You can also customize the appearance of the navigation bar.

Flutter Bottom Personalized Bar

Add the plugin:

  bottom_personalized_dot_bar: ^1.0.2

Please Visit Flutter Bottom Personalized Bar Source Code at GitHub

7. ff_navigation_bar

A highly configurable navigation bar with emphasis for the selected item.
Flutter Configurable Navigation Bar

Add dependency

  ff_navigation_bar: ^0.1.5

Please Visit Flutter Configurable Navigation Bar Source Code at GitHub

8. rolling_nav_bar

A bottom nav bar with layout inspired by this design and with heavily customizable animations, colors, and shapes.

To get started, place your RollingNavBar in the bottomNavigationCar slot of a
Scaffold, wrapped in a widget that provides max height. For example:

  bottomNavigationBar: Container(
    height: 95,
    child: RollingNavBar(
      // nav items

Flutter Customizable Navigation Bar

Please Visit Flutter Customizable Navigation Bar Source Code at GitHub

9. cupertino_stackview

A very easy-to-use navigation tool/widget for having iOS 13 style stacks.
It is highly recommended to read the documentation and run the example project on a real device to fully understand and inspect the full range of capabilities.
The "StackView" system, as I like to call it because I don’t know the real name, is now the default navigation system for iOS 13. As a fan of this, I decided to implement a very easy-to-use version of it for Flutter as well.

Flutter Cupertino Stackview Flutter Cupertino Stackview

Please Visit [Flutter Cupertino Stackview]() Source Code at GitHub

10. google_nav_bar

A modern google style nav bar for flutter.

Flutter Modern Navigation Bar

GoogleNavBar is a Flutter widget designed by Aurelien Salomon and developed by sooxt98.

Flutter Modern Navigation Bar

Add this to your package’s pubspec.yaml file:

  google_nav_bar: ^2.2.0

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:google_nav_bar/google_nav_bar.dart';

Please Visit Flutter Modern Navigation Bar Source Code at GitHub

11. ScrollBottomNavigationBar

Hide or show bottom navigation bar while scrolling.

Simple scroll Snap behavior
Flutter Scroll Bottom Navigation Bar Flutter Scroll Bottom Navigation Bar


This is currently our roadmap, please feel free to request additions/changes.

Feature Progress
Simple scroll
Snap behavior
FAB supported
Snackbar supported
Gradient background

Please Visit Flutter Scroll Bottom Navigation Bar Source Code at GitHub