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Life can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to.

A Simple To-do app design in flutter to keep track of your task on daily basis. You can add project, labels and due-date to your tasks


  • Build on BLoC Architecture Pattern
  • Add Projects by specifying a unique color to it
  • Add Labels by specifying a unique color to it
  • Add Task by defining its priority
  • Swipe to delete or complete the task
  • Sorting Task
  • Works offline using Sqflite database

BLoC Diagram

This diagram show case the dependencies to create a feature specific BLoCs.The HomeBloc is independent and used as communication channel between its child widgets.

Widget-BLoC Relationship

This diagram shows that how each widget uses BLoCs.


The app already has a preloaded Inbox project. You can add more projects by clicking add project button on SideDrawer. From material color list you can specify any single color to the project

Flutter Todo App

You can assign only one project to a single task


You can add multiple labels by clicking add Labels button on SideDrawer. From material color list you can specify any single color to the label

Flutter Todo App

You can assign multiple labels to a single task


You can add task with multiple attributes. You must assign a project to task if not than by default it will be added in Inbox project.
Task can have zero or more to label assing to it

Flutter Todo App

Swipe the Task

You can delete a task by swiping left-to-right or your can mark task as completed by swiping right-to-left. You can also undo a completed task by clicking on options menu where it shows the list of all completed tasks there you can swipe right-to-left to undo the completed task

Flutter Todo App


You can sort your task with date i.e today and next 7 days and also acoording to project and labels

Flutter Todo App

How to contribute?

What’s next?

  • Editiable Project,label and Task
  • Deletable Project and Label
  • Comment/Description in Task
  • Reminder with notification


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Copyright 2018 Burhanuddin Rashid

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Source Code

Please Visit A Simple To-do app design in flutter Source Code at GitHub