Flutter Yugioh Cards Sample App

Flutter Yugioh Cards Sample App

Yugioh Cards Sample App

All data are collected from https://db.ygoprodeck.com/api-guide/.

I apply MobX as state management for this app. At this time, I only implement the list of cards with pagination and detail page. But, I will add some features like sorting, searching, and filter the cards based on availability of multiple parameters in the ygoprodeck.com api. In addition, I use git-karma for the commit messages conventions.
There are still room for improvements, so I’m open for any feedback. Sharing with one another helps us all grow and learn. ✌️


Api Service


Build App

This app required generated code. Here is the command:

flutter packages get
flutter packages run build_runner build
flutter run

Libs Dependencies


  • [x] Chopper for Network calls
  • [x] Using Provider
  • [ ] Favorite Cards using Moor
  • [ ] …

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Fikri Razzaq

Flutter Enthusiast, #Android Developer.

Source Code

Please Visit Flutter Yugioh Cards Sample App Source Code at GitHub