Flutter Open Source Music Player

Flutter Open Source Music Player

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This is an open-source Flutter Music Player non-commercial repo of music player that is built with flutter.
This app is just my sight on how UI/UX in music apps should be.
Currently I am building it only for Android


  1. Each folder in lib represents its own module and has a file inside it with the same name. This is an export file for all other .dart files and other modules inside this folder. Every such export file also has some description inside it
  2. Any name that conflicts with name from flutter framework itself has a special SMM prefix, which is an acronym from Sweden Music Player


App start up
Dark mode

In plans

  • Albums and artists grouping support
  • More extended playlist capabilities
  • Full media buttons and maximum devices support
  • Desktop widgets
  • Desktop context menu
  • Open music files with player
  • Flexible personalization settings
  • Exif-data editor
  • Integration with some music API (lyrics, album arts, etc., maybe even machine learning)

Source Code

Please Visit Flutter Open Source Music Player Source Code at GitHub