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MapBox Search and Static Image pure Dart Implementation

A Flutter package for place search using MapBox Api, Reverse Geocoding and for Static map image.

Reverse Geocoding displays the nearby places based on the feeded Location data.

I made this package because google place search was not working that much efficiently(daily quota limit) and MapBox offers plenty of free search requests.

Way more useful than google if you want static map images…


Add the following to your pubspec.yaml file:

  mapbox_search: any


Static Image

MapBoxStaticImage staticImage = MapBoxStaticImage(
        "API Key");

Image With Polyline

String getStaticImageWithPolyline() => staticImage.getStaticUrlWithPolyline(
  point1: Location(lat: 37.77343, lng: -122.46589),
  point2: Location(lat: 37.75965, lng: -122.42816),
  marker1: MapBoxMarker( markerColor: Colors.black, markerLetter: 'p', markerSize: MarkerSize.LARGE),
  msrker2: MapBoxMarker(
      markerColor: Colors.redAccent,
      markerLetter: 'q',
      markerSize: MarkerSize.SMALL),
  height: 300,
  width: 600,
  zoomLevel: 16,
  style: MapBoxStyle.Mapbox_Dark,
  path: MapBoxPath(pathColor: Colors.red, pathOpacity: 0.5,     pathWidth: 5),
  render2x: true);

Image with Marker

String getStaticImageWithMarker() => staticImage.getStaticUrlWithMarker(
  center: Location(lat: 37.77343, lng: -122.46589),
  marker: MapBoxMarker(
      markerColor: Colors.black, markerLetter: 'p', markerSize: MarkerSize.LARGE),
  height: 300,
  width: 600,
  zoomLevel: 16,
  style: MapBoxStyle.Mapbox_Streets,
  render2x: true,

Image without Marker

String getStaticImageWithoutMarker() => staticImage.getStaticUrlWithoutMarker(
    center: Location(lat: 37.75965, lng: -122.42816),
    height: 300,
    width: 600,
    zoomLevel: 16,
    style: MapBoxStyle.Mapbox_Outdoors,
    render2x: true,

Search Widget

      popOnSelect: true,
          "API KEY",
      limit: 10,
      searchHint: 'Your Hint here',
      onSelected: (place) {},
      context: context,

Reverse GeoCoding

ReverseGeoCoding reverseGeoCoding = ReverseGeoCoding(
    apiKey: 'API Key',
    limit: 5,

Future> getPlaces() async =>
  await reverseGeoCoding.getAddress(
    Location(lat: 72.0, lng: 76.00),


Static Map Image

Static Map Image

Search Widget

Flutter Map Widget Search 1Flutter Map Widget Search 2

Source Code

Please Visit Flutter Map Widget Source Code at Github Link