Flutter Floating Action Button With Speed Dial

Flutter Speed Dial

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Easily create your own floating action button list. We can Create Flutter Horizontal Speed Dial and Flutter Vertical Speed Dial using this library.


Add UnicornDialer to your pubspec.yaml

unicorndial: "^1.1.5"


UnicornDialer class

int orientationVertical or horizontal floating button list

Object parentHeroTagMain FAB hero tag

Color backgroundColorModal background color

Icon parentButtonStarting Icon

Icon finalButtonIconEnding Icon (after animation is complete)

bool hasBackgroundBackground modal is set

Color parentButtonBackgroundThe main floating button background color

List<UnicornButton> childButtons Floating button list

int animationDuration Rotation and expanding animation duration (in milliseconds)

double childPaddingRight padding on the button label

Function onMainButtonPressedTo be called if set on the UnicornDialer parent widget

bool hasNotchBottomAppBar support

UnicornButton class

FloatingActionButton currentButtonFloating list button

String labelText

double labelFontSize

Color labelColor

Color labelBackgroundColor

Color labelShadowColorLabel container shadow

bool labelHasShadow

bool hasLabel


Tiago Martins


This project is licensed under the MIT License – see the LICENSE.md file for details

Source Code

Please Visit Flutter Speed Dial Source Code at GitHub