Flutter Cupertino Date Picker

Flutter Cupertino Date Picker

Flutter Cupertino Date Text Box

Flutter Cupertino Date Picker

A text box with an attached CupertinoDatePicker which opens when the text box is tapped.

With this library the following is possible:

  • Text Box / Text Field with multiple features to customize its style (e.g. font, padding, etc.)
  • Date callback can be used to get result date value

Quick Usage

Just fill the required parameters of CupertinoDateTextBox and you’re ready to go, e.g.:

    initialValue: DateTime.now(),
    onDateChange: onDateChangeCallback,
    hintText: 'Hint Text'))

You can find a full tutorial concerning CupertinoDateTextBox here Tutorial.

Please refer to the example for usage: Quick-Link


If you encounter any problems feel free to open an issue. If you feel the library is
missing a feature, please raise a ticket on Github and I’ll look into it.
Pull Request are also welcome.

Source Code

Please Visit Flutter Cupertino Date Picker Source Code at GitHub