Flutter Date Range Picker

Flutter Date Range Picker

Date Range Picker

Flutter date range picker use a dialog window to select a range of date on mobile.


Flutter Date Range Picker

Getting Started


Add to pubspec.yaml in dependencies

  date_range_picker: ^1.0.5


import 'package:date_range_picker/date_range_picker.dart' as DateRagePicker;
new MaterialButton(
    color: Colors.deepOrangeAccent,
    onPressed: () async {
      final List<DateTime> picked = await DateRagePicker.showDatePicker(
          context: context,
          initialFirstDate: new DateTime.now(),
          initialLastDate: (new DateTime.now()).add(new Duration(days: 7)),
          firstDate: new DateTime(2015),
          lastDate: new DateTime(2020)
      if (picked != null && picked.length == 2) {
    child: new Text("Pick date range")

Source Code

Please Visit Flutter date range picker Source Code at GitHub