Squishy UI For Flutter

Squishy UI For Flutter

Flutter Dough

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This package provides some widgets you can use to create a smooshy UI.

How to use

This package provides squishy widgets you can use right out of the box. Optionally, you can create custom Dough widgets for a custom squish effect. For a more complete overview on how to use the Dough library, check out the example project provided on GitHub.

Pressable Dough

Wrap any widget in PressableDough to make it squish based on a user’s input gestures.

    child: FloatingActionButton( ... ),

You can find a full example of how to use this widget here.

PressableDough Demo

Draggable Dough

Similar to Flutter’s built-in Draggable widget, DraggableDough allows you to drag and drop widgets around… Only this time it’s squishy!

    data: 'My data',
    child: Container( ... ),
    feedback: Container( ... ),

You can find a full example of how to use this widget here.

DraggableDough Demo

Gyro Dough

Wrap any widget in GyroDough to make it squish based on how a user moves their phone around in physical space. This widget only works on devices that have accelerometer/gyroscope features.

    child: Container( ... ),

You can find a full example of how to use this widget here.

GyroDough Demo

Make your own Dough

If the above widgets aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, you can easily create your own squishy widget using the provided Dough widget! See the example project for more details on how to do this.

CustomDough Demo

Customize how the Dough feels

If you don’t like the default dough settings, you can easily change how the dough feels. Just wrap any widget that uses Dough in a DoughRecipe and you’re good to go.

    data: DoughRecipeData(
        adhesion: 4,
        viscosity: 250, // a more jello like substance
        usePerspectiveWarp: true, // use for added jiggly-ness
        perspectiveWarpDepth: 0.02,
        exitDuration: Duration(milliseconds: 600),
    child: PressableDough( ... ),

You can find a full example of how to use this widget here.

DoughRecipe Demo

Future improvements

Dough expansion – Ideally, pressing on a dough widget would push pixels away from your finger, as if you were pressing on dough (possibly using a mesh-grid?). If you have any ideas for how to achieve this, please consider contributing!

More dough widgets – Support for more out-of-the-box dough widgets will be added in the future. Some dough widget ideas include…

  • [ ] ReorderableListDough – Same as the reorderable list widget, but it’s smooshy.
  • [ ] SliverListDough – Same as the sliver list widget, but it’s smooshy.


Contributions to this package are always welcome! Please read the contributing guidlines.

  • If you have an idea/suggestion/bug-report, feel free to create a ticket.
  • If you created a custom Dough widget or some other awesome feature that you want to share with the community, feel free to fork the repository and submit a pull request!

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Source Code

Please Visit Squishy UI For Flutter Source Code at GitHub