Flutter To Do App

Flutter To Do App

✔️ Flutter to do App "To Do List"

A Flutter app based on the design of the To Do App, created by Rudi Hartono, see more on: Uplabs.

Getting Started 🚀

- Clone the repo
- Install the dependicies
- Run it

Preview and Google Play

The app is based on Rudi’s design:

Flutter To Do App

The result is:

Flutter To Do App

Version history

Version Date Comments
1.5 December 10, 2019 Changed build from prodcution to test
1.4 September 26, 2019 Published the App on Google Play
1.3 September 24, 2019 Added App-icons for deployment
1.2 September 23, 2019 Added swipe to delete: Swipe to delete
1.1 September 16, 2019 Set the statusbar to transparent: Transparent statusbar
1.0 ~September 2019 Initial release


Feel welcome and free to submit issues, pull requests and features to this repo.

Support me

I really like to make as much (free) beautiful Flutter apps, so you get inspired!
Hence you can support me by:

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Thank you in advanced 👍

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Source Code

Please Visit Flutter Todo App source code at Github