Flutter Snapping List

Flutter Snapping List

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A small cozy library that allows you to make Snappable List Views

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Snaplist supports different and even dynamically sized children to be listed and correctly snapped.


Flutter Snapping List

Include to your project

In your pubspec.yaml root add:

  snaplist: ^0.1.8


The library does provide StatefulWidget which is called SnapList.

Include the widget like this:
import 'package:snaplist/snaplist.dart';


Use it as you’d use any widget:

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return SnapList(
    sizeProvider: (index, data) => Size(100.0, 100.0),
    separatorProvider: (index, data) => Size(10.0, 10.0),
    builder: (context, index, data) => SizedBox(),
    count: 1,

Snaplist uses gesture detection for swiping the list, so, please, be sure that the gestures you apply to the widgets inside are not overlapping for best user experience.


There are 4 required fields:

  • sizeProvider is a provider of each widget size. The library will wrap each built widget to a sized box of specified size. This is required so snapping calculations will work correctly.
  • separatorProvider is similar to sizeProvider, but this size will be used to build the list separators.
  • builder works like a regular Flutter builder all of us are familiar with. It will pass you the context, current item index and some additional data.
  • count – Children count as in a ListView.

The data which is provided to each provider and the builder is a combination of three fields:

  • center – is the position which is now displayed and referenced as the center widget.
  • next – is the position which the user is scrolling to. It is -1 if idle.
  • progress – is the scroll and snip progress. The values are from 0 to 100.

Snaplist defaults to horizontal scrolling. You can set axis to Axis.vertical for vertical scrolling.

Source Code

Please Visit Flutter Snapping List Source Code at GitHub