Flutter Interactive Button Layout

Flutter Interactive Button Layout

Interactive Add button layout

Custom Layout with interactive add button to impove your UI and UX. the package is available here inspired from Oleg Frolov.


Import the Package

add this dependencies to your app
dependencies: interactive_add_button_layout: ^0.1.0

Use the Package

add this import statement
import 'package:interactive_add_button_layout/interactive_add_button_layout.dart';

The layout need to be the root layout of your widget (screen)

and Now to use it, add this code to your widget :

return Scaffold(
      body: AddButtonLayout( parameters )

The layout has 6 parameters which are :

  • child : you know what is that xD, in case you don’t it’s the child of the layout which mean that the layout is his parent .
  • row : a List of Widgets to be diplayed in a row for the Row layout .
  • column : a List of Widgets to be diplayed in a column for the Column layout .
  • onPressed: the function to be called when the user click the add button .
  • color : the color of the layout (color of the background), by default it’s Color(0xff2A1546) .
  • btnColor : the color of the add button

the row and column and child are required !

Example :

you can find a demo app in ./example


Flutter Interactive Button Layout


Feel free to contribute, to report a bug or to suggest a feature,Thank you 🙂

Source Code

Please Visit Flutter Interactive Button Layout Source Code at GitHub