Flutter Card Hides Content

Flutter Card Hides Content


Scratch card widget which temporarily hides content from user.


Flutter Card Hides Content


  • Android and iOS support
  • Cover content with full color or custom image
  • Track the scratch progress and threshold
  • Fully configurable

Getting started

  1. First thing you need to do is adding the scratcher as a project dependency in pubspec.yaml:

    scratcher: "^1.4.0"
  2. Now you can install it by running flutter pub get or through code editor.

Setting up

  1. Import the library:

    import 'package:scratcher/scratcher.dart';
  2. Cover desired widget with the scratch card:

  brushSize: 30,
  threshold: 50,
  color: Colors.red,
  onChange: (value) => print("Scratch progress: $value%"),
  onThreshold: () => print("Threshold reached, you won!"),
  child: Container(
    height: 300,
    width: 300,
    color: Colors.blue,


Property Type Description
child Widget Widget rendered under the scratch area.
threshold double Percentage level of scratch area which should be revealed to complete.
brushSize double Size of the brush. The bigger it is the faster user can scratch the card.
accuracy ScratchAccuracy Determines how accurate the progress should be reported. Lower accuracy means higher performance.
color Color Color used to cover the child widget.
image Image Image widget used to cover the child widget.
onChange Function Callback called when new part of area is revealed (min 0.1% difference).
onThreshold Function Callback called when threshold is reached (only when defined).

Programmatic access

You can control the Scratcher programmatically by assigning the GlobalKey to the widget.

final scratchKey = GlobalKey<ScratcherState>();

  key: scratchKey,
  // remaining properties

After assigning the key, you can call any exposed methods e.g.:

  child: const Text('Reset'),
  onPressed: () {
    scratchKey.currentState.reset(duration: Duration(milliseconds: 2000));
Method Description
reset Resets the scratcher state to the initial values.
reveal Reveals the whole scratcher, so than only original child is displayed.

Example Project

There is a crazy example project in the example folder. Check it out to see most of the available options.


Source Code

Please Visit Flutter Card Hides Content Source Code at GitHub