Flutter App Bar Gradient

Gradient App Bar

Love the material AppBar? Do you want to add more color to the appbar? Here’s a gradientAppBar.

It works just like the normal AppBar. Also with actions, back buttons, titles. So it’s just your normal AppBar, but with a twist!


Flutter App Bar Gradient Flutter App Bar Gradient

Getting Started

  1. Depend on it by adding this to your pubspec.yaml file: gradient_app_bar: ^0.1.3

  2. Import it: import 'package:gradient_app_bar/gradient_app_bar.dart'

  3. Replace your current AppBar (In the scaffold) to GradientAppBar.

appBar: GradientAppBar(
    title: Text('Flutter'),
    gradient: LinearGradient(colors: [Colors.blue, Colors.purple, Colors.red])

Source Code

Please Visit Flutter App Bar Gradient Source Code at GitHub