Rating Bar in Flutter

Rating Bar in Flutter

A Star rating with touch and swipe rate enabled

  • Supports replacing default star icons with desired IconData
  • Supports half rate and full rate (1.0 or 0.5)
  • Swipe for incrementing/decrementing rate amount
  • Change star body and boundary colors independently
  • Control size of the star rating
  • Set your desired total Star count
  • Supports click-to-rate
  • Spacing between stars

Getting Started

In your flutter project add the dependency:

        smooth_star_rating: 1.0.4+2

Usage example

import 'package:smooth_star_rating/smooth_star_rating.dart'; 
          allowHalfRating: false,
          onRatingChanged: (v) {
            rating = v;
            setState(() {});
          starCount: 5,
          rating: rating,
          size: 40.0,
          filledIconData: Icons.blur_off,
          halfFilledIconData: Icons.blur_on,
          color: Colors.green,
          borderColor: Colors.green,

Constructor parameters

allowHalfRating                 -   Whether to use whole number for rating(1.0  or 0.5)
onRatingChanged(int rating)     -   Rating changed callback
starCount                       -   The maximum amount of stars
rating                          -   The current value of rating
size                            -   The size of a single star
color                           -   The body color of star
borderColor                     -   The border color of star
spacing                         -   Spacing between stars(default is 0.0)
filledIconData                  -   Full Rated Icon
halfFilledIconData              -   Half Rated Icon
defaultIconData                 -   Default Rated Icon


Full Rating

Rating Bar in Flutter

Half Rating

Rating Bar in Flutter


Let me know if you find any bugs/issues.Thanks.

Source Code

Please Visit Rating Bar in Flutter Source Code at GitHub