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💥 A library to draw fantastic charts in Flutter 💥

Chart Types

LineChart BarChart PieChart
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ScatterChart Coming Soon Coming Soon
Flutter Scatter Chart Flutter Scatter Chart                                                                                       
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Banner designed by Soheil Saffar, and samples inspired from David Kovalev, [Ricardo Salazar] (https://dribbble.com/shots/1956890-Data-Stats), Dmitro Petrenko, Ghani Pradita, MONUiXD. Thank you all!

Let’s get started

1 – Depend on it

Add it to your package’s pubspec.yaml file
  fl_chart: ^0.8.5

2 – Install it

Install packages from the command line
flutter packages get

3 – Learn it like a charm

Read the docs from here
Sample1 Sample2 Sample3
Flutter Line Chart Flutter Line Chart Flutter Bar Chart

4 – Follow the roadmap

you can follow the roadmap from here, and (let me know your suggestions)

And the last but not least 🔥

:beer: pull requests are welcome!

:moneybag: Donation (bitcoin) :moneybag:

Buy me some food to survive, I would add more features if I was alive



  1. Make sure to format files using Dart formatter with line length of 100. VSC users will have these settings auto applied via the included VSC workspace config.

  2. Submit a PR with your changes.

Source Code

Please Visit Flutter Chart Library Source Code at GitHub